Other cool stuff from Gen Con!!

Okay, the top picture is a really badass Cthulhu Balloon creature. 

2nd Row : Jaime Lannister’s actual freaking sword, as in a prop from the show, as in held by Jaime Lannister.

3rd Row: Me wearing a replica of Loras Tyrell’s helmet & a replica of the Hound’s helmet.

4th Row, Aka The best Row: The Gamers : Hands of Fate Extended Edition Gen Con (8:00 pm) Premiere. So we went to that and it was incredible. The movie was even better than I could have imagined as fucking hilarious as it could be. Then as we were leaving the room, I walked by Lodge and had a few seconds where I told him how much I loved the movie and Dorkness rising and he was so cute and he just smiled and said Thank You and it was freaking great. We shared the same freaking foot of air for .2 seconds and everything.

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